Jokosun's team is composed by passionate and highly talented people who are deeply related to the rural field in West Africa. They are professionals with strong values and close relations with local communities and customers.  

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Managing team

Raymond Sarr

Founder, Technology & Business Manager

Raymond is an entrepreneur specialized in access to electricity. Born and raised in Senegal, his main ambition is to play a key role in leading rural Africa to a sustainable energy future. 


Founder Jokosun Easy Energy Afrique Electrification

Eliane Julia

Sales and Marketing

Eliane is an energetic serial entrepreneur native from Senegal. At Jokosun, Eliane oversees the sales, marketing, negotiation and business development including supply chain management & logistics.


JokoSun Sales Marketing Logistics Entrepreneur Senegal

Cécile Dardel

Environment & Communication

Cécile is a PhD-scientist with a strong expertise in environmental issues on the African field. She brings to Jokosun her skills in Earth science and communication.


Jokosun Africa Environnement Renewable Energy

Sales engineers & Customer relations managers

Green safe renewable solar cheap maintenance installation operation

 A team of sales professionals is holding prospection tasks, communication, and taking care of our customers needs. They are committed, loyal and boost constantly our customer portfolio.


Partners Technical Suppliers Financial Trust

They help to keep the machinery running smoothly.

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Want to join us?

We are constantly looking for motivated eclectic people who want to build this adventure with Jokosun and rural Africa. Interested in employment opportunities in a happy team?

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