Energy is a fundamental prerequisite for socio-economic and human development. Access to energy is a cornerstone of the UN Millennium Development Goals. We can and must make it accessible to all. This challenge is three-dimensional: providing access to safe energy services that are physically and economically accessible to everyone with minimal environmental impacts.

Jokosun adresses basic human needs for access to electricity: lighting, education, health and communication!

We provide high quality lighting enabling children to study at night, because education is a powerful weapon for building the future of Africa.

Jokosun facilitates access to communication and information. We connect people and  allow them to run their equipments.

We create local jobs and contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of off-grid communities.



Make no mistake: Africans are deeply innovative. In Africa, we have real ambitions for the future. In this, energy plays a leading role. That's why we want to make its easy access everywhere.

We are JOKOSUN - Easy Energy Everywhere

Founded by Africans, for Africa.


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